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The Scribe's Study
Worlds belong half to the speaker, half to the hearer
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Sterek (5)
Title: He Only Likes You (for your brains)
Story By: revenant_scribe
Art By: comatosebadger

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles, past Parrish/Stiles | Rating: PG-14
Status: One-shot | Word Count: 42,188

Warnings: This story features violence and graphic scenes in keeping with Teen Wolf. Also features dead bodies, brief mentions of brain eating, and references to a past relationship between Parrish and Stiles (the horror!). Some TW characters appear as dead bodies central to a case, I do not warn for minor character death because no minor characters in this story die.

A/N: This fic is inspired by the TV series iZombie but knowledge of the show is not required. Some lines from the series have crept in, but overall this story is meant to fuse both shows together, and consequently both are heavily modified.

Summary: Stiles had a fifteen year plan for his future that included getting married to the love of his life and becoming a kick-ass doctor. Being turned into a zombie was not a part of the plan, mostly because zombies weren't supposed to be a real thing. The new fifteen year plan basically involves continuing to work at the morgue so he doesn't starve, and continuing to be a zombie, at least until Isaac develops a cure. It doesn't involve falling for werewolf deputy Derek Hale, recent transfer to Beacon County Sheriff's Department, or pretending to be a psychic (because that sounds better than 'zombie). Stiles maybe isn't so good with this whole 'life plan' thing.

(A Teen Wolf/iZombie AU).

READ @ : AO3
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With Thanks To... misakikinomoto, for all her work moderating sterek_big_bang, but also for being the voice of reason at the start, when I was juggling fifty different story ideas (and trying to find a way to write every single one), and also for her support all the way through and her work betaing this beast! Also to comatosebadger for creating the art for this! Thanks so much, and sorry I made you read this story when it was so rough!
22nd-Apr-2015 12:47 pm - Teen Wolf Fanfiction Masterlist
Sterek (3)
Presently, my Teen Wolf fanfiction is being hosted solely at AO3, but here is the full list of what you'll find over there. As well, posts will be made here when a new TW fic is added there.

TW Series FicCollapse )
TW Multi-Chaptered FicCollapse )
TW One-ShotsCollapse )
21st-Apr-2015 01:19 pm - Oubliette
Stiles (2)
Title: Oubliette
Story By: revenant_scribe

Fandom: Teen Wolf | Pairing: Gen - Derek/Stiles

A/N: This is the series masterlist for 'Oubliette', pairing and word count varies for each work. As well, each installment is a one-shot and could be read as a standalone piece.

Summary: A series of standalone one-shots that occur in the two months between the end of season 3B and the start of season 4, and deals with different aspects of grieving, healing, and coping that was possibly occurring during this time.

READ @ : AO3
Sterek (3)
Title: Abominable
Story By: revenant_scribe

Fandom: Teen Wolf | Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-14 | Status: One-shot | Word Count: 19,201
Warnings: This fic features gratuitous beta-shift (because Stiles with fluffy yeti feet and furry ears and horns is adorable), fluff, more plot than you might expect, more hurt/comfort than really belongs in what is supposed to be a warm-and-fuzzy story, may rot your teeth possibly.

A/N: Because I found myself wanting to write a cute little story in which Stiles was an abominable snowman and then this happened. I'm sorry?

Summary: Where Derek buys a secluded cabin halfway up a mountain, meets a yeti and falls in love with Stiles, but not necessarily in that order.

READ @ : AO3
Sterek (1)
Title: Red Riding Hood
By: revenant_scribe

Fandom: Teen Wolf | Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: R | Status: 1/5 | Word Count: 18,196
Warnings: Canon-typical levels of violence, bad language and scenes of sexuality. Also includes fairy-tale references, suspense, themes of betrayal and magic. Brief mentions of past animal abuse, and tattooing without consent.

A/N: This story is the product of watching this incredible video by paquim somewhat obsessively and then promptly being horribly, viciously inspired. Special thanks must be given to paquim for giving me permission to act on that inspiration, and also to lastfaerytale for helping me sort out the plotty details and then editing this beast throughout each chapter's many variations.

Summary: Beacon Hills is supposed to be peaceful, it's supposed to be a pleasant change of pace after New York. Ever since they moved, Stiles has been trying to make the best of it: working in his uncle's bakery, making friends, keeping his grades up, but somehow he keeps finding trouble. His parents, Chris and Victoria, think it's because he's looking for it but Stiles suspects there's something else at work. Lately it feels as if his whole family is in on a secret they haven't shared with him, and if there is one thing that Stiles is unable to resist, it's a good mystery.

Read @: AO3
Sterek (2)
Title: Lycanthropy for Beginners
Story By: revenant_scribe

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: PG-14 | Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Status: 5/12 | Word Count: 41,330
Warnings: This fic features canon-typical levels of violence, bad language and scenes of sexuality. Also includes inappropriately irreverent behavior regarding rabies (rabies is serious business!) and lycanthropism (lycanthropy is also serious business!).

A/N: The plot of this piece is the product of a vid by 0o0Vanilla0o0 that has since been removed, in conjunction with this prompt, but I developed the idea from there and threw in a dose of S1 and S2 as well. This is my first endeavor in the Teen Wolf fandom, so be gentle. Some lines from the series have made their way in, but this story will increasingly diverge from canon as things progress, and the overall story is perhaps more serious and hurt/comforty than either of the prompts described.

Summary: For a small Californian town where nothing ever happens there's been a hell of a lot happening lately in Beacon Hills, like dead bodies in the woods and crazy people running around with crossbows and guns, to say nothing of Stiles making first line. He's too busy to care too much about lacrosse though, because he's trying to get a handle on this whole 'werewolf' thing, and that's pretty tough to do when the only teacher he's got is Derek Hale.

In which Stiles is a werewolf (but not a very good one), Derek is an alpha (however grudgingly), Scott is a good friend (most of the time) and the sheriff knows more than is good for him.

READ @ : AO3
Title: The Far Side of Avalon
By: revenant_scribe

Fandom: James Bond (Craig Films), BBC Merlin
Rating: PG-13 | Pairing: Bond/Q, Arthur/Merlin
Status: One-shot | Word Count: 2,941
A/N: This is a one-shot attached to a much longer and more complex story I am working on. If you are interested in seeing more, please leave a comment to keep me on task! This is marked as slash because the larger arch involves these pairings. Knowledge of Merlin is not necessary but will enhance the story.

Summary: Arthur once asked him to never change, but after seventeen lifetimes Merlin finds that change is impossible to avoid and isn't always such a bad thing.

Series: Once and Again | The Far Side of AvalonCollapse )
Title: If Night Falls, Use Stars for Streetlights
Story By: revenant_scribe
Art By: containerpark

Fandom: James Bond (Craig Films)
Rating: PG-13 | Pairing: Bond/Q
Status: Complete | Word Count: 34,424
Warnings: This fic features some violence, bad language and scenes of sexuality. Also includes shaky science, ambiguous health conditions, possible abuse of Oxfordshire, Oxford University, Russia, various British news programs and (quite possibly) logic as well. Also, disguises.
A/N: This is an adaptation of the 1997 film, The Saint; a few lines from it have crept in. Locations were selected to correspond with the movie and may not be technically accurate though I did my best. Please suspend disbelief and when in doubt, blame the film ;) The title is from Cooper Eden's children's story, If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow.

If Night Falls Poster 1 photo NightFallscontainerpark2_zps16cd83a6.jpg

"The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."
~ Oscar Wilde

Summary: Russia stands on the brink of revolution caught in the grips of an oil shortage during one of the coldest winters on record. James Bond, an international (and notorious) thief is hired by Ivan Tretiak, a wealthy Russian oil magnate who has control of the Russian mafia and his eye on the Russian presidency. The job? Go to Oxford, England and steal Doctor Quentin Russell's formula for cold fusion.

~ { ART / AO3 } ~

With Thanks To: containerpark for signing-up to be my artist and creating such gorgeously brilliant work! To keevacaereni for jumping in at the (very literal) last minute to beta and Brit-pick, you are my hero. Also to nickygabriel for all the incredible modding she does for journeystory. This is the first time I've participated in this bang and it was a wonderful experience, thank-you!
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